Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Something Good Will Come Out Of This Noah

It is sad to say that The Horse Beyond The Trees "Noah" has passed away. His angels were sent to him to allow Noah a peaceful, loving and warm death. I know in my heart that Noah got a kiss on his cheek, and a warm hand on his face. "It's ok Noah, you are safe now."


Sweet Dreams Dear Noah,

Though I never had the pleasure of meeting you, my tears roll down my face. My tears are of anger, and sadness, my tears are of asking, not understanding how someone could be so cruel. You have brought many people together Noah, and you did not die in vain. Something good will come out of this Noah, I promise you this.

To the readers of Noah,

We ask each and every one who reads Noah's story to please help us raise the money to go get his pasture mates. They too need homes. That, we can give them, but we need to raise the money to go and get them. They are not in bad shape, and we do not want it to get to that. Winter is coming, and what we can't see is the unknown for the other two horses unless we can get them. Please put anger aside, and lets pull together, and bring these guys home. We have a PayPal account set up for donations. We are needing to raise $1500.00 to pay for the horses, and their transportation.

Horses Leave Hoof Prints In Our Hearts

Monday, October 27, 2008

He is safe now

The Horse Beyond The Trees has got quite a few fans in Georgia. He is now on his way to a safe place, so now he can be cared for and loved.

I want to say thank you to all of you who were so kind in making sure he is safe. Taking the time to get the word out, and raising the money to get him. It takes a lot of work, but when you know it is the right thing to do, you know ya have to do whatever it takes. That is what all of you did as a group, great job!

Thank you

Sleep well tonight safe horse, your angles were sent.

God Bless you all!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Horse Beyond The Trees

Over the last few days a friend of mine and I have been worried about a horse that was up for sale. This horse is in bad shape, and the owners are aware of it as it were no problem. At first I thought it to be a sick joke, or someone wanting to pull a fast one on someone. No, it is neither of them: this is for real ya'll. My heart is heavy with worry now for this poor horse. With the lack of proper feeding and deworming and with the weather changing he will colic from the cold weather. It is as though everyone is waiting to see who goes first. WELL BY GEORGE I WILL GO!

We care for so many horses, the money is lacking, so what are we to do for The Horse Beyond The Trees? No one can see him, or do they just pretend he doesn't exist. The owners have. Is it that easy to turn the other cheek? How can someone sleep at night thinking that it is okay to allow, any animal to live like this? Can anyone out there answer this question, so that I may better understand? Because right now I have a hard time understanding stupidity!

The Horse Beyond The Trees needs us now, he needs help, he needs all of us to pull together and save him. NO, we can't save them all, but come on! this horse we can. I am willing to drive the 200 miles to go get him, but we need the funding to help him. We do have a PayPal account that you can donate to. The amount doesn't matter, just help us.

I didn't take this position to save horses to have to beg in order to do so. I have never had to beg for anything until I started rescuing horses. I love what I do when it comes to rescue. We are doing what God has asked me to do, and just like him we need helpers, and you, the public to help us do what we are meant to do. Now, we are needing you, but most of all The Horse Beyond The Trees needs all of us. Help me bring him home where he can eat, be loved, and have a happy life once again. We want to find him a safe home once he is healthy again.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Riding Camp

Moms and Dads!

We are having a one week riding camp during the

Thanksgiving Holiday

for the kids.

Monday 24th till Friday 28th

Cost is $125.00 per child.


7am till 6pm

Rain or Shine

Please bring them something to

eat and drink.

Call 770-505-5020

To book a slot

Limited Space Available

All money goes to

Harmony Meadows Equine Rescue

To help support the horses.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Bonita is a 11 year old Paso Fino mare that came to us along with 3 others last June. Bonita is the matriarch of the herd and did a wonderful job. Any time they felt any danger to the herd Bonita would send the mares to a safe place while Guapo took care of protecting his mares. A year later the herd has gone through many changes.

Guapo was gelded right away and the 3 mares were already pregnant when they arrived here at Harmony Meadows. Bonita was the first to have her baby, a filly, then Julie had a filly and Meg a stud colt. The weaning process was hard for Bonita, and I spent the time with her on training. Bonita is always on the guard, and having trust issues to top it off. We worked things out and had a wonderful bonding experience. She is awesome!

I am the only one riding and working Bonita due to her trust issues with strangers or anyone else that wants to deal with her. I have so much compassion for her, and her strength, beauty and misunderstandings from the human race. She is the most captivating horse I have ever worked with.

Last week some friends of ours came by to pick up some hay. A young man named Brian saw Bonita and went into her paddock. I let him know how she is with people and once he started he needed to finish. Don't leave her hanging and wondering what just happened.

I am here to tell you that I had the most beautiful experience of my life watching Brian and Bonita. Their language was so captivating it blew us all away. Brian stood very still squatted to the ground. I told him whatever he did he was not to move his feet to stay in the position he took. Brian fallowed my directions to the T and Bonita would threaten him time and time again. Her facial expressions were like reading a book along with her body language. I also directed Brian not to touch her unless she touches him first. He could not take from her; he had to have total respect for her, and what was happening. We were all in whoa mode by now. The head movements she made to try to get Brian to move were elegant in every way. Then as long as it took at a spit second you could see the threats stop. She then allowed Brian to touch her then she started touching his fingers with her lips asking him so softly to pet her. Brian replied with the softest touch across her jaw. I looked into her eyes and watch the stress disappear and pleasure took over. Brian then stood up and started walking away, and Bonita followed him around trusting him with every step they made. I asked him to stop to see what she would do. She walked up to him and asked him to pet her on her neck.


You are the most fascinating horse I have ever see, and it has been a pleasure to be a part of your life. You have taught me so much, and to put love into a hug when you are beside me is a special feeling.

Sometimes I see something missing when I am watching you, and I know what it is. Trust me my dear lady you will soon be with your herd once again. It has been a long road getting you all back together and the journey is nearing the end. I made you that promise, and I will stand by it. You, and your mares all the babies, and Guapo will be as one once again.

You are in my heart everywhere I go, and when I speak of you I smile with every word that I speak.