Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Severe Weather and Evacuation Plans.

It is Hurricane season and the weather is unpredictable this time of the year.

I hope that everyone has a disaster evacuation plan ready just in case. If not here are a few Ideas to think about.

  1. Make arrangements in advance to have your pets travel or trailer in case of an emergency. If you do not have any means of transportation than please ask a friend. Have several friends on your list willing to help you at a given notice. If you know a few days ahead of time that severe weather is coming then take the extra days and evacuate so that you have saved yourself and your pets.
  2. Know where you can take your pets to incase of an emergency. If you have large animals such as horses or other farm animals please contact your local emergency management authorities for information about shelters in your area.
  3. Make sure you inform your friends of your evacuation plans. Post detailed instructions in several places – your barn, truck, house, friends place any place someone can see in case emergency workers have to evacuate your animals for you.
  4. Put all your pets paperwork in a water proof bag or envelope. This includes diet, coggins, shot records, any known allergies, medications or information on medications your pet(s) are on.
  5. Keep halters, leads, collars, cat crates, dog crates ready and accessible to usage. Each should include pets' name, owner name and phone numbers, and emergency phone numbers.
  6. Prepare a first aid kit that is portable and easily accessible. Make sure that you have water on hand as well as feed, hay and medications for several days.
  7. It is very important that your horse or other pets load to insure their transportation is a safe one. Time is very important in emergency situations and seconds can count.
  8. Practice with a friend loading and traveling with your animals.


    If you have to leave your pet behind you may need to make a decision on letting them loose or keeping them confined. The information you leave behind can save your animals life.


    It is important to know your county emergency management agency number and they may be able to give you information about your community disaster response plans.

We all think that this will never happen to us, but it can, so please be ready. Preparedness saves lives.

These are simple steps to take.

You can help

Harmony Meadows Equine Rescue Inc.

"Cans for Horses"

Save a Can Save A Horse!


In order for Harmony Meadows Equine Rescue Inc., to help feed the rescue horses, we are asking everyone to save all their aluminum cans. By collecting as many cans as we can we will be able to earn money towards feed, hay and any vet bills that arise.

We thank you for your support.


"Horses leave hoof prints in our hearts."

We have horses for adoption.

For pickup please call:

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Water in Georgia

We Got Rain!!!,

All you Georgia people! I know you are suffering in one way or the other, and when we get any kind of rain it is welcomed. We got our butts kicked late yesterday and it was so nice to see. Now we could have done without the thunder and lightning that came with it.

Our poor horses are not use to walking around in the mud anymore. Tatiana and big sister Little girl busted their fannies coming down the hills.


One question to the flower lovers out there!

You know we are in a drought and have been for awhile now. Why in the hell do you spend hundreds of dollars planting flowers or bushes? Come on! Lets' get real here. The signs are posted a long side the roads, it is on the news, and you pay your water bill. Now, how much more will it take to get through your head that we need to save the water? How selfish can anyone get? If you weren't so damn worried about keeping up with the Jones you wouldn't waist the water.

I know, you want your place to look nice and I don't blame you. But hasn't anyone told you that you can't fight mother nature? Or, you just don't care? WE ARE IN A DROUGHT!!!

You people are the first ones to complain if we do run out of water. You wouldn't want your poor flowers to die and then your yard would look bad. Darn!

I have animals that are counting on those hundreds of gallons of water you are wasting on your poor yard. You can take the money you have spent on your flowers and water, and donate it to a good cause. It really doesn't matter which nonprofit organization you donate it to just do it. At least it would go to a good cause and something good will come out of it.

No one really gives a rats ass about your yard; I know I don't. I would love to plant flowers and bushes, but I have lives that depend on the water I save. So, we haven't run out of water yet, you keep it up and we will. That kind of attitude is what puts us in the situation we are in right now. See, as long as you turn on your water and something comes out that we call water you will continue to use it .


If you keep it up the next step is they are going to double the cost of using water and then what will you do?


We do everything in our power to save water here. We don't bathe the animals unless it is a medical

Condition. We scrub water tanks every other day now. We don't Plant Flowers or a garden. Water buckets are no longer filled to the top. We go out and check to see if the animals have water at all times during the day. Take quicker showers. It doesn't take that long to scrub your ass and wash your hair. We have manage to cut back on out water bill over 30%.

That is a big savings on my bill and saving water, and it really pisses me off to see someone else to waist what we have worked so hard on to save. We didn't do it for you we did it for the animals and people.

Turn off the flipping water!