Friday, March 27, 2009

Eddie, Eddie , Eddie, You Make My Heart Smile:

Never underestimate a blind horse. Eddie has been such a big smile here on our farm from the day he got here. He makes me laugh, and sad at times. I understand him and he is loved by so many people that come here. Eddie knows how to train the human that comes to his home.

Let's see, If he is hanging out at the top gate when you come in ya got to pay the toal fee. Your payment has to be in the form of a treat, it's ok if it is horse treats, carrots, apples with no seeds; any one will do for him and Champ. Now if you fail to pay the toal you may get dirty looks, he may stand in front of the gate and even fallow you up the driveway and catch ya when ya get out of your car. You will pay the toal for coming in. It is so funny explaining it to people prior to them coming here.

Champ is Eddies best friend that lives in the pasture next to him. We do not own Champ, he belongs to my neighbor. Champ is a 7 year old Tenn. Walker, both him and Eddie are joined at the hips. If Champ isn't at their hanging spot Eddie yells for him and he comes a running. My heart melts every time they are together. We even put up a shelter tent for Eddie so the rain and sun were not bother him. We have tried putting other horses with Eddie but he isn't happy. We even begged our neighbor not to keep Champ from seeing Eddie, we have even offered to care for Champ, nope he will not. If the money was right I know we could buy Champ for Eddie but I know the price on that horse would be more than we can afford right now.

Yesterday our big pasture of horses were running and playing then all of a sudden Eddie started bucking and running just as if he were in with all the other horses. Yep, I laughed and smiled at him,

" you go Eddie; "what a guy.

We have been putting the round bale of hay in the stock trailer because we don't have enough room to store it in the barn right now. I kept the door open for Eddie to stick his head in and eat at will. Never thought he would climb inside and spend the night in there eating the hay; Stupid me. He has never offered to get into the trailer until the rain started and hasn't let up yet. Can't say as I blame him for getting in. Now, Eddie is a big boy and uses up the trailer. I don't mind, I clean up his messes and make sure he has plenty of hay to get into when he climbs into the trailer. Eddie hasn't been in a trailer off our property since we got him, tuff getting him in and he is happy right where he is. Like I said, he makes us smile and brings much laughter to our place. I wouldn't trade my blind man for all the money in the world.

Dear Eddie,

Eddie, you are what love, friendship and laughter is all about man. We love your big Appy butt. You are a true gift from God; our gift to share with the world. You are the strength of our rescue, you are Harmony Meadows to us all. Keep us laughing and smiling buddy.

Your friend


Tuesday, March 10, 2009


GB's Summer Camp

Hurt Rd. Smyrna

June 1-5


($325.00) if Registered before April 20)

Games, Horse Care, Riding, Feeding, Brushing and MORE…


Snacks, drinks, horses and fun provided

Jessy Sovoda


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Some Horse Owners


I hate to write this, but it happens to me all the time. I get emails and calls about people wanting us to take their old horses, lame horses or unbroken horses. Now, the way I see it, you own the horse, you no longer want it because it is old, lame or you do not know what you are doing. This is not what rescue facilities are for; RESCUE means just that. You expect rescues to step up and care for your horse that you no longer want. Why? You wanted it.

Now, don't get me wrong, if someone is in financial difficulty and truly is then I have no problem. If the owner has passed away then I have no problem. If a county shelter calls me then I have no problem.

But to walk away from your responsibility just doesn't set right with me at all when you should be the one . This is why we have so many shelters having to put cats and dogs down.

Why in the heck did you get a horse in the first place? Horses are not meant to be a status symbol for anyone. They should be a lifetime commitment; I know mine are. I couldn't dream about getting rid one of my horses just because of my own selfish reasons.

You know, these horses could care less if you ever rode them again. They could care less if you ever put a halter on them again. Providing they have companionship of another horse. Let's not forget to feed and water them.

I have several questions that are pretty standard now. What's wrong with it? how old is it? Send me a picture and I can tell ya if it is sound or not most of the time.

I love what I do with this rescue to my inner core. This is why I have had enough with the people who don't step up and deal with it. Take care of your own horse, most of the time you are the one who caused it to go lame, so why do you fill it shouldn't be you to take care of it anymore now? Right?



For the love of the horse..

Monday, March 2, 2009

Mary's Horses

My horses are rescued boys.
Zip is a Quarter horse and when we got him he was thin and nervous. He was 4yrs old at the time and had been through some tough times. He had been passed around to many places( I wouldn't call homes! )even raffled off once. He has a scar on his chest that our farrier told us he had probably got caught on a fence pole.
His feet were in horrible shape over grown and cracked. It took a year or better to fix that. He is now doing GREAT is a lovable giant that found his forever home.
I can't even put in words how much we love him!! Our baby Raja is a real sad story. We found him on the Internet. He was falsely advertised I don't even think it was his pic that we saw.They were giving him away ,lady said she had just had a baby and didn't have the time to work with him .She told us that she had gotten him a the auction and put him out with her other horses and went on vacation.Raja was 7 mo old ,other horses beat him up pretty bad he was said to have been down near a roll of hay for a few days in the rain. anyway to try and shorten this .
He was supposed to be doing good and all he needed was a good home and some time ,he needed some body to walk him around to build up his stength. We thought poor little guy we could do that . I had lots of time ,my husband is a over the road truck driver and I am alone most of the time. ,so we got the trailer and drove the hour and half to get him. Well this poor baby was almost dead. He was so skinny just bones and skin!!! covered with lice, ringworm ,rain rot and to many open wounds to count. a couple that were pretty severe-.
Needless to say he could barely stand let alone walk. We loaded him up and called our vet who stayed open and waited for us. HE said that Raja probably wouldn't have made another day or so he was so weak . We went home armed with shots ,mends good food ,lots of hay and a wonderful vet that helped us through.
My husband stayed home from work for a month. In that month Raja COULDN'T get up by himself .
We picked him up every couple hours ,cleaned him and loved him. We pretty much lived in the barn it was winter and it was cold we bought him a coat so he wouldn't be cold. He is now almost 2 and is healthy, happy and full of life! We love our horses and hope for many years of their friendship Thank YOU for listening I really needed to tell some one that would really get the it! ..............Mary

Thank you Mary,
Thank you for taking the time, and allowing me to share your story about your new beginning with Zip and Raja. Please, feel free to keep us posted on how your boys continue to impact your life, and you theirs.
It takes big hearts, and angles to step in to do what you and your husband did for Zip and Raja..
Thank you both.