Saturday, December 27, 2008

In The Eyes of A Teenager “Madison”

C-Choosy on who you trust.
E-excellent horse.
D-dreaming he was mine.
R-raising your head to see me.
I-intelligent in every way.
C-calling you mine

Cedric, I wish I could call you mine. You are my favorite horse. You have the best personality in the world. Whenever I come to your pasture you always come and knicker at me. You trust me in every way and I feel like one when I'm with you. I feel like you're my guardian angel and I can tell you anything. If I had the money you would be mine. You have a beautiful head a kind soft eyes. I love the way you move so freely and wild. You have so much spirit which gets my attention. The first day I came to the farm I kept staring at you like we were meant to be. I think we were, cause I never get over you. You are in my head all the time. Whenever I work with you we excel at something with just one step at a time. I'm glad that you trust me cause I trust you. I sure hope to know you for the rest of my life cause you are an amazing horse that I love so dearly much. You have a great home where everyone loves you, but I love you the most. We have the best friendship that I could asked for in a horse and I hope know one takes that away from us. Love you so much Cedric I'll see you soon.



Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Quote Of The Day

What you have outside you counts less than what you have inside you.



Thursday, December 18, 2008

It Is A Shame It Happened

Please take a moment and read the next two articles to understand where I am coming from.

First posted below is the Equine Law set to protect them. Next post shows you just how well they are being used. Once again the Ag Department failed to do their duties to protect these horses.

This man was under investigation for a year, and for what? So he can let his horse die and more starve to the point where bones are showing. I mean come on Ag.!

Also stated that the owner had been cited several times, and only to pay no attention to the citations.

Why do we have laws then? Why do we have an Ag. Department with veterinarians? Why do you put horses back into the population of the human only to start the cycle all over again? Why don't you geld the stallions that come in? Where are your adoption forms that could protect these horses better? I understand that nothing is full proof, but something is better than what you are doing right now. It is still nothing, if it were something than these horses would not be in the shape they are in.

It is the job you chose, and if you can't do it than give it to a person who will.


It is an issue isn't it? It is money. Money the root of all evil in this world. Words we have all heard before. What the H they are just words aren't they?


If the police department can have a system set up to make sure that people have insurance on their cars or go to jail when they are pulled over, then why can't the Ag Department come up with a better system of documenting and making sure these animals go to safer homes?

Yes, I do put some of the blame on our Ag. Department for the conditions these horses were found in and for the dead horse. A year? Come on! I would rather the man had sent these horses to the slaughter house than hear they had to suffer through what they have over the last year. To me that would be a life time of hell.

Could you only take the time and forget to feed yourself for the next year and have to deal with the elements of the weather on a day to day bases? We all know that will not happen.

This should have never happened!! It is a shame that it did happen.



Humane Care for Equines Act

Our equine health section is responsible for enforcing the Humane Care for Equines Act, the Equine Act of 1969, and excerpts of the Animal Protection
Act.  Enforcement of these laws is achieved through the inspection of equine sales, abuse complaints, stables and events.  We also manage the Equine Infectious Anemia Control Program. 

The Animal Protection Act requires all stables that charge a fee for boarding, holding, training, breeding, riding, pulling vehicles, or similar purposes to be licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.  All equine at these facilities must be provided with adequate food, water, and shelter.  Stable owners must maintain records of current, negative Equine Infectious Anemia tests, purchases and sales.

The equine industry is also monitored for Equine Infectious Anemia through the enforcement of the Equine Act of 1969.  Regulations require a negative test within the last 12 months on all equine sold, traded, given away, or moved for change of ownership.  All equine assembled for exhibitions, rodeos, trail rides, or other activities must also have a current, negative Equine Infectious Anemia test.  Any equine testing positive for Equine Infectious Anemia must be quarantined at least 200 yards from all other equine, euthanized and buried, or shipped to slaughter.

The need for protecting the welfare of equine prompted the passing of the Humane Care for Equines Act in 1992, which requires that all equine are provided with adequate food and water, and are treated and cared for in a humane manner.  The Act provides for inspections, impoundments, care, and disposition.  Authority is granted for injunctions, restraining orders, and monetary penalties as required to achieve enforcement.

The Department currently employs 11 Equine Inspectors and one Equine Field Supervisor who are responsible for enforcing these laws throughout the state.  Their duties include but are not limited to:

  • Inspecting licensed and unlicensed stables
  • Investigating complaints of inhumane care and treatment
  • Inspecting equine sales
  • Inspecting horse shows, rodeos, parades, and other events
  • Caring for impounded equine and managing 2 impound facilities 
  • Enforcing disease eradication laws
  • Investigating reports of stolen equine
  • Enforcing dead animal disposal laws
  • Speaking to various organizations on equine issues
  • Responding to equine involved in disasters

It should never have taken a year!

Adairsville man arrested for starving 7 horses

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A black horse lay dead at the bottom of the hill, its front legs scraped from a final struggle to stand.

Most of the other six horses in the Adairsville pasture had bones showing through their skin, and the feces from one contained rocks and pebbles, as if the animal had been rooting in the dirt for food.

Horses on Richard William Brown's farm near Adairsville

That was the scene authorities described after visiting the field outside the Adairsville mobile home of Richard William Brown.

A Bartow County Sheriff's Deputy accompanied a state Agriculture Department official, Courtney Farnon, to the property last week, and found the desperate conditions. The deputy arrested Brown, 48, when it became clear there was no food for the animals, according to an incident report filed Friday and obtained Wednesday.

Brown was charged with cruelty to animals, a misdemeanor, Deputy Blake Hilley wrote in the report.

Hilley's report said a veterinarian determined the horse died from starvation and that all the surviving horses were "severely" underweight. It also said agriculture
officials had been investigating the situation for a year and had issued several violations for inadequate food that Brown had ignored.

"Richard showed me where he places the hay for the horses to eat," Hilley noted. "I did not observe any hay in or around the area where Richard said it was stored."

The surviving horses were impounded and taken to the Agriculture Department for medical treatment.More Stories

More Related Subjects

Top of Form

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Horse Tales for the Soul

Go to htpp:// and learn more about HORSE TAILS FOR THE SOUL. Horse Tales for the Soul is about the tales of human and their horse(s). Each chapter is written by a different writers from all over the world, sharing their experience and knowledge about a horse or horses in their lives. Stories that will touch your soul, warm your heart, and make you smile. This is the perfect Christmas gift for the horse lover in your family. You can purchase it either in Audio Edition or Paperback. The Complete Pet will also donate a portion of the proceeds to our facility. Not only will you bring a smile to the horse lover in your life; you will also be helping our rescue facility.
We all here at
Harmony Meadows Equine Rescue
Wish you and your family a
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
God Bess You All!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Nora Said

This is about Circles

C= Carrot Loving

I= Irritable

R= Regal

C= Choosy

L= Loving

E= Exceptional

S= Sneaky

Now Circles sounds like a lot of fun to me. Thank you Nora, for your incite about your Circles. You know your horse well, and this is what we look for in a true horse person.

You can also email us a picture to add to your horses name. Email Please make sure that your name and horses name is on the email.

I am looking forward to seeing more meanings to more names. Keep sending them, and I will keep posting them.


Don't forget to hug your horse:0)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Word From The Wise

Happiness lies not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort. The joy and moral stimulation of work no longer must be forgotten in the mad chase of evanescent profits. These dark days will be worth all they cost us if they teach us that our true destiny is not to be ministered unto but to minister to ourselves and to our fellow men.

By. Bob Ottenhoff

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In The Eyes of A Mom

Dixie was born here at Harmony Meadows in May 2008. She is quite the girl, bold and loving. Dixie will melt your heart away, you can't help but fall in love with her. Her new mom Gail has also looked deep into the meaning of Dixie's name.


D Delightful

I Inspiring

X xoxoxo

I Intelligent

E Exceptional

Saturday, November 22, 2008

In The Eyes of A Child

We have a young girl here that has adopted a young gelding, and his name is Jedidiah. This is what she sees in Jedidiah's name. Can you find in your horses name what he or she means to you? Send it, and we will post it.


J= Joyful








Can you see this in your horse?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Something Good Will Come Out Of This Noah

It is sad to say that The Horse Beyond The Trees "Noah" has passed away. His angels were sent to him to allow Noah a peaceful, loving and warm death. I know in my heart that Noah got a kiss on his cheek, and a warm hand on his face. "It's ok Noah, you are safe now."


Sweet Dreams Dear Noah,

Though I never had the pleasure of meeting you, my tears roll down my face. My tears are of anger, and sadness, my tears are of asking, not understanding how someone could be so cruel. You have brought many people together Noah, and you did not die in vain. Something good will come out of this Noah, I promise you this.

To the readers of Noah,

We ask each and every one who reads Noah's story to please help us raise the money to go get his pasture mates. They too need homes. That, we can give them, but we need to raise the money to go and get them. They are not in bad shape, and we do not want it to get to that. Winter is coming, and what we can't see is the unknown for the other two horses unless we can get them. Please put anger aside, and lets pull together, and bring these guys home. We have a PayPal account set up for donations. We are needing to raise $1500.00 to pay for the horses, and their transportation.

Horses Leave Hoof Prints In Our Hearts

Monday, October 27, 2008

He is safe now

The Horse Beyond The Trees has got quite a few fans in Georgia. He is now on his way to a safe place, so now he can be cared for and loved.

I want to say thank you to all of you who were so kind in making sure he is safe. Taking the time to get the word out, and raising the money to get him. It takes a lot of work, but when you know it is the right thing to do, you know ya have to do whatever it takes. That is what all of you did as a group, great job!

Thank you

Sleep well tonight safe horse, your angles were sent.

God Bless you all!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Horse Beyond The Trees

Over the last few days a friend of mine and I have been worried about a horse that was up for sale. This horse is in bad shape, and the owners are aware of it as it were no problem. At first I thought it to be a sick joke, or someone wanting to pull a fast one on someone. No, it is neither of them: this is for real ya'll. My heart is heavy with worry now for this poor horse. With the lack of proper feeding and deworming and with the weather changing he will colic from the cold weather. It is as though everyone is waiting to see who goes first. WELL BY GEORGE I WILL GO!

We care for so many horses, the money is lacking, so what are we to do for The Horse Beyond The Trees? No one can see him, or do they just pretend he doesn't exist. The owners have. Is it that easy to turn the other cheek? How can someone sleep at night thinking that it is okay to allow, any animal to live like this? Can anyone out there answer this question, so that I may better understand? Because right now I have a hard time understanding stupidity!

The Horse Beyond The Trees needs us now, he needs help, he needs all of us to pull together and save him. NO, we can't save them all, but come on! this horse we can. I am willing to drive the 200 miles to go get him, but we need the funding to help him. We do have a PayPal account that you can donate to. The amount doesn't matter, just help us.

I didn't take this position to save horses to have to beg in order to do so. I have never had to beg for anything until I started rescuing horses. I love what I do when it comes to rescue. We are doing what God has asked me to do, and just like him we need helpers, and you, the public to help us do what we are meant to do. Now, we are needing you, but most of all The Horse Beyond The Trees needs all of us. Help me bring him home where he can eat, be loved, and have a happy life once again. We want to find him a safe home once he is healthy again.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Riding Camp

Moms and Dads!

We are having a one week riding camp during the

Thanksgiving Holiday

for the kids.

Monday 24th till Friday 28th

Cost is $125.00 per child.


7am till 6pm

Rain or Shine

Please bring them something to

eat and drink.

Call 770-505-5020

To book a slot

Limited Space Available

All money goes to

Harmony Meadows Equine Rescue

To help support the horses.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Bonita is a 11 year old Paso Fino mare that came to us along with 3 others last June. Bonita is the matriarch of the herd and did a wonderful job. Any time they felt any danger to the herd Bonita would send the mares to a safe place while Guapo took care of protecting his mares. A year later the herd has gone through many changes.

Guapo was gelded right away and the 3 mares were already pregnant when they arrived here at Harmony Meadows. Bonita was the first to have her baby, a filly, then Julie had a filly and Meg a stud colt. The weaning process was hard for Bonita, and I spent the time with her on training. Bonita is always on the guard, and having trust issues to top it off. We worked things out and had a wonderful bonding experience. She is awesome!

I am the only one riding and working Bonita due to her trust issues with strangers or anyone else that wants to deal with her. I have so much compassion for her, and her strength, beauty and misunderstandings from the human race. She is the most captivating horse I have ever worked with.

Last week some friends of ours came by to pick up some hay. A young man named Brian saw Bonita and went into her paddock. I let him know how she is with people and once he started he needed to finish. Don't leave her hanging and wondering what just happened.

I am here to tell you that I had the most beautiful experience of my life watching Brian and Bonita. Their language was so captivating it blew us all away. Brian stood very still squatted to the ground. I told him whatever he did he was not to move his feet to stay in the position he took. Brian fallowed my directions to the T and Bonita would threaten him time and time again. Her facial expressions were like reading a book along with her body language. I also directed Brian not to touch her unless she touches him first. He could not take from her; he had to have total respect for her, and what was happening. We were all in whoa mode by now. The head movements she made to try to get Brian to move were elegant in every way. Then as long as it took at a spit second you could see the threats stop. She then allowed Brian to touch her then she started touching his fingers with her lips asking him so softly to pet her. Brian replied with the softest touch across her jaw. I looked into her eyes and watch the stress disappear and pleasure took over. Brian then stood up and started walking away, and Bonita followed him around trusting him with every step they made. I asked him to stop to see what she would do. She walked up to him and asked him to pet her on her neck.


You are the most fascinating horse I have ever see, and it has been a pleasure to be a part of your life. You have taught me so much, and to put love into a hug when you are beside me is a special feeling.

Sometimes I see something missing when I am watching you, and I know what it is. Trust me my dear lady you will soon be with your herd once again. It has been a long road getting you all back together and the journey is nearing the end. I made you that promise, and I will stand by it. You, and your mares all the babies, and Guapo will be as one once again.

You are in my heart everywhere I go, and when I speak of you I smile with every word that I speak.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Eddie’s Friend


The young lady that donated her allowance to help the horses.

She is the same young lady that made the drawing of Eddie, and is posted on this blog.

If you are reading this now please take a moment to stop and read her story



We at Harmony Meadows Equine Rescue






You have inspired other people to donate to the rescue, and we all thank you for your big heart.

You are a very special young lady to all of us here at Harmony Meadows. I know your parents are so proud of you.


Eddie sends you a big hug and kiss for your birthday!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

TrueHealth Atlanta

Presents the Second Annual

Cornerstone Community Challenge

Saturday, October 4th


A 5K Run to benefit the Shepherd's Rest Ministries

Women Shelter

Hosted by Cornerstone Chiropractic

Hiram Georgia

The 2008 Cornerstone Community Challenge is a 5K run benefiting Shepherd's Rest Ministries Women Shelter.

Shepherd's Rest Ministries, Inc. is a family violence crises center providing shelter and services to women and children who have been, or are at risk of being displaced from their homes due to family violence.

Shepherd's Rest offers victims a 24 hour crisis line where clients can receive domestic violence counsel, direction, and resource referrals.

Shepherd's Rest was established in June of 1997 and has obtained full 501©3 tax-exempt status.

Services include 24-hour emergency shelter, emergency transportation, food, clothing , resource referrals, in-house activities, and Legal Advocacy.

Cornerstone Community Challenge

5K Run/Walk and Health Fair

Saturday, Oct. 4th, 2008

You can mail in your Registration By August 29th, $15.00

Registration day of the race $20.00

Send your shirt size



Phone Number

Make your Check payable to TrueHealth Atlanta

Address to send to:

Cornerstone Chiropractic

C/O: TrueHealth Atlanta

5886 Wendy Bagwell Parkway

Suite 301

Hiram, Ga. 30141


The race will start and end at the

Poplar Square Shopping Center

5886 Wendy Bagwell PKWY

Hiram, Ga. 30141

Registration at 7:00am- Race Begins at 8:am

Pre-Pace warm-Up 7:45am.

Health Fair and refreshments will be available following the race.

Hope to see you at the race.

Calendar Events 2008


Harmony Meadows Equine Rescue



Sept. 28th Pot-Luck get Together at Harmony Meadows,Please bring a dish to share with everyone.


Oct 4th GB Stables: we will need volunteers to do a concession at the clinic. We need everyone to please try to donate something to the concession.

Cups, Ice, hamburgers, buns, candy, pickles, onions, mayo, mustard, coolers for the cokes, cokes and other canned drinks. We will need to barrow some ones grill to use. Plastic forks and knives, napkins, and anything else you can think of.

Pony Rides at -------School Fall Fest. More info will be given as soon as we get it. We will be needing to take 3 to 4 horses and ponies and need all the volunteers we can get.


Oct. 18th: Spook-Tacular Costume Party Saturday Oct 18th from 4pm till 10 pm We will be doing pony rides, so we will need volunteers to help. We will be bringing 2 ponies and 2 horses. We will need two people per horse and pony. Volunteers can dress up, but not the horses.

Oct 25th We are invited to GB Stables for a Halloween Costume Horse Show, so if you want to go and compete, pick a horse and get your costumes together. Horse, and rider can dress up to
be judged. You can also compete in any of the other classes, but no bits will be allowed with our horses.


Dec. Christmas Parade: Date to be announced, anyone who wants to be in the Christmas Parade let me know; we will need to get a theme and start getting our decorations together. You can decorate a horse and be judged prior to the Parade starting. We will need a driver for the truck that will be in the parade. We will be also decorating the truck. For those of you who will not have a horse you can ride on the back of the truck. Let me know.

Friday, September 12, 2008

What we do and What we are about.


Harmony Meadows is a Nonprofit Organization working to help saving unwanted or abused horses.

Not all horses are neglected or even abused. Some are just not wanted or owners can no longer afford to care for their horse(s) and need a safe place for them.

We work hard giving the best care for each horse here. No horse is treated unfairly here. We try very hard to find permanent loving homes for each horse we adopt out. We don't walk away from them, they will always be permanent with Harmony Meadows even once they find their new owner.

We geld all stallions that come here and no horse is allowed to be bred for any reason.

This we find will be a start in stopping the unnecessary breeding of horses.

Our vet bills run $500.00 plus a month, so that we can maintain the best level of wellness care for every horse here. We do not get a discount from our vets at all. We will continue using the vets that we have because we trust in what they do.

We Offer

We offer riding lessons, birthday parties, and are in need of volunteers. We also offer a Sponsorship Programs for anyone who is interested in sponsoring a specific horse. There are different levels of sponsorships. You may also sponsor as many horses as you like. We have a Foster program available for anyone who has the facilities to maintain horses.

This is a tax deductable expense on items only.

We are in Need of

We are in need of pasture work, dozer work, fence work, fill dirt, donations for feed and hay. Barn building and supplies, so that we can continue with our work.


Feed Donations

Anyone wishing to donate towards the feed of our horses can do so, at Acworth Feed


As for Mark

Located at

5000 Lake Acworth Dr.

Acworth, Ga



Tax Deductable

Any items or money donated to Harmony Meadows or for Harmony Meadows is a Tax Deduction. We do have forms that will be given to you.



They Need Us and We Need You


Thank You for your Support

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Pot-Luck Dinner and Gathering


September 28th 2008 at 5pm


Harmony Meadows Equine Rescue




You are invited to a Pot-Luck Dinner and Gathering

Come and get to know our new volunteers and friends Sept,28th


Please bring a covered dish to share to help offset the cost.


We will be celebrating the new adoptions and birthdays of several volunteers as well.





Thank you, to everyone who has helped us !







Horses Leave Hoof Prints In Our Hearts!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hurricane Gustave

As we all know that Hurricane Gustave is a severe storm due to hit Monday night. We are letting you all know that we have room for several horses to be housed. We do ask that your horse(s) are accompanied with an up to date coggins and shots. If we can be of any assistance please feel free to email us at or you can call 770-815-3663

We should be able to house up to 5 horses. Please let us know as soon as possible so that we can prepare our facilities.

Our prayers are with all the families, and volunteers that are affected by this storm.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Mail Box

I know this is a crazy subject to post, but if you continue to read you will understand where I am coming from.

There have been those times where I wished a miracle would show up, and sometimes it does in My Mail Box..

Well, today as I do every day I stopped to check My Mail Box on my way out. We had mail, so I sat idle inside my truck and started going through the mail. I saw a purple envelope, and looked at it for a sec. I am always looking at addresses on my envelopes to see if I know who it is from. Anyways, this address didn't ring a bell, so I opened it. ( We do not give out minor children's names) Inside was a letter from a mother who took the time to send me the prettiest picture that her young daughter drew. She saw Eddie's story, and not only did she send us her picture that she drew she sent her allowance. Whoa! I only wished that the whole world was sitting in my truck when I opened the envelope.

I cried, and thanked God for giving me the strength to do what we do here at Harmony Meadows. To us this is what it is all about. It is about parents teaching their children to be compassionate towards God's animals.

We are blessed with loving adults, but when I see both parent and child willing to help, it just brightens what we are about.

Dear Mother,

Thank you for teaching your little girl to be loving and compassionate towards God's animals. May it be a dog, a cat and yes, even Eddie, we all here thank you so much for your kindness and for your big heart.

Sometimes it gets hard to figure out where or how we can raise the money to pay vet bills, buy feed and hay, but things have a way of working out. We believe in what we are doing, and with families like yours it helps us to continue to work harder saving the horses in need.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

1st Annual Horsemanship Clinic

"Solving the Problem Horse"


Brent Berry


Oct. 4th from 10am till 3 pm.

To be held at

GB Stables

Call Jessie at


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Two More in Need


I got a call on Saturday about two horses needing a place to call home for a little while. Yep, I went and picked them both up. They don't look bad. The mare Punkin needs more grub on the ribs, but is doing good. Punkin is very sweet and loves to be loved on. She is very food driven.

Punkin needs her shots, check to see if she is pregnant, teeth floated in a bad way and aged, and she will also need her shots and coggins done. It will cost some money to get her back to normal again.

Jedidiah, He is a young stallion that has been living with his mother Punkin. Jedidiah is nervous but he understands you If you are willing to take the time with him and give him clear signals.

He loves his head scratched when he realizes what you need from him. He is a young bay paint stallion. Now for Jedidiah, he will need to be gelded asap, coggins, and shots.

Both are in need of a good hoof trimming which will most likely be done today. They have both been dewormed as soon as they got here yesterday.


We need your help!


We are hoping that we can get the help from the public to help us offset our vet bills for Punkin and Jedidiah. We do not get any kind of discount from our Veterinarians' here. We have been loyal clients and still pay full price on everything. We do not want to go and find a different vet just to get cheaper prices. My vet is very good at what he does, and I have been with him for 15 years now. I find loyalty and trust goes a long ways with my animals versus cheaper prices.

I want what is for the best of our horses, not what is cheaper.

If everyone can help chip in we will able to get what they need done quicker.

Just a guess on the cost of Punkin and Jedidiah?


Coggins and vaccinations per horse is about $120.00 each and add a $50.00 trip charge

Gelding, I am guessing around $150.00

Exam fee per horse is $25.00 each

Antibiotics large 500 count. $100.00plus

Dental on the mare $120.00 plus or minus. She has some pretty long teeth


Providing all of this is done in one day . If he had to come back to do more it is a $50.00 trip charge.


Let's see what the guess on cost is:

$710.00 is my guess is what it will cost us to get Punkin and Jedidiah up to snuff .


Your help will be much appreciated here.

Our horses leave hoof prints in our hearts. Not one horse is loved unfairly, not one horse is forgotten about here.

Thank you for just taking the time to read this and for visiting our site.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Save a Can Save a Horse

Harmony Meadows Equine Rescue Inc.


"Cans for Horses"

Save a Can Save A Horse!


In order for Harmony Meadows Equine Rescue Inc., to help feed the rescue horses, we are asking everyone to save all their aluminum cans, and metals. By collecting as many cans as we can we will be able to earn money towards feed, hay and any vet bills that arise.

We thank you for your support.


"Horses leave hoof prints in our hearts."

Become a foster parent to a horse.

For pickup please call:

770-815-3663 or 770-815-4108 or


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Apples, a Blind Horse, and A Leg. Ouch!!


For a split second you

could swear he could see; cause It look like it to me. Man did it hurt!

Eddie doesn't see anything, and he is so good at being blind that you would bet your bottom dollar that he could see.

Never under estimate the blind, they will surprise more often than not. Eddie is always amazing

Us. It makes our days special having him here.

A few weeks ago Brian, my husband brought home apples that were donated to the horses.

I am always telling everyone here, " don't bring apples here". I don't mind treats at all, but to many apples don't keep the doctor away.

Anyways, I had put the apples in a bag to be thrown away the next day and was sure I set the bag back far enough away that the horses couldn't stick their heads in and get to them. So, I thought.

The next morning I was feeding the crew, and I always let the door stay open for Eddie to eat hay off the round bale. This keeps Eddie occupied long enough for me to get the other horses fed. I was coming past the hay barn to feed the horses in the bottom pasture when I looked up I noticed Eddie chewing, this chew was not of a hay chew. It was the chew of enjoyment. You know that chew. Total satisfaction: like eating a large bowl of your favorite ice cream. I ran up and noticed he had gotten into the apples. I gave him an ear full; not that it was going to help matters out. I started picking them up and looked at him as I grabbed a handful of apples, and to tell him to stop. As I was talking to him he reached over and bit my leg.

OUCH!!!! EDDIE!!!!

The look in his face was: Take that! These are my apples!


The bruises are all gone now, and so are the apples.:0)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Severe Weather and Evacuation Plans.

It is Hurricane season and the weather is unpredictable this time of the year.

I hope that everyone has a disaster evacuation plan ready just in case. If not here are a few Ideas to think about.

  1. Make arrangements in advance to have your pets travel or trailer in case of an emergency. If you do not have any means of transportation than please ask a friend. Have several friends on your list willing to help you at a given notice. If you know a few days ahead of time that severe weather is coming then take the extra days and evacuate so that you have saved yourself and your pets.
  2. Know where you can take your pets to incase of an emergency. If you have large animals such as horses or other farm animals please contact your local emergency management authorities for information about shelters in your area.
  3. Make sure you inform your friends of your evacuation plans. Post detailed instructions in several places – your barn, truck, house, friends place any place someone can see in case emergency workers have to evacuate your animals for you.
  4. Put all your pets paperwork in a water proof bag or envelope. This includes diet, coggins, shot records, any known allergies, medications or information on medications your pet(s) are on.
  5. Keep halters, leads, collars, cat crates, dog crates ready and accessible to usage. Each should include pets' name, owner name and phone numbers, and emergency phone numbers.
  6. Prepare a first aid kit that is portable and easily accessible. Make sure that you have water on hand as well as feed, hay and medications for several days.
  7. It is very important that your horse or other pets load to insure their transportation is a safe one. Time is very important in emergency situations and seconds can count.
  8. Practice with a friend loading and traveling with your animals.


    If you have to leave your pet behind you may need to make a decision on letting them loose or keeping them confined. The information you leave behind can save your animals life.


    It is important to know your county emergency management agency number and they may be able to give you information about your community disaster response plans.

We all think that this will never happen to us, but it can, so please be ready. Preparedness saves lives.

These are simple steps to take.

You can help

Harmony Meadows Equine Rescue Inc.

"Cans for Horses"

Save a Can Save A Horse!


In order for Harmony Meadows Equine Rescue Inc., to help feed the rescue horses, we are asking everyone to save all their aluminum cans. By collecting as many cans as we can we will be able to earn money towards feed, hay and any vet bills that arise.

We thank you for your support.


"Horses leave hoof prints in our hearts."

We have horses for adoption.

For pickup please call:

770-815-3663 or 770-815-4108 or


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Water in Georgia

We Got Rain!!!,

All you Georgia people! I know you are suffering in one way or the other, and when we get any kind of rain it is welcomed. We got our butts kicked late yesterday and it was so nice to see. Now we could have done without the thunder and lightning that came with it.

Our poor horses are not use to walking around in the mud anymore. Tatiana and big sister Little girl busted their fannies coming down the hills.


One question to the flower lovers out there!

You know we are in a drought and have been for awhile now. Why in the hell do you spend hundreds of dollars planting flowers or bushes? Come on! Lets' get real here. The signs are posted a long side the roads, it is on the news, and you pay your water bill. Now, how much more will it take to get through your head that we need to save the water? How selfish can anyone get? If you weren't so damn worried about keeping up with the Jones you wouldn't waist the water.

I know, you want your place to look nice and I don't blame you. But hasn't anyone told you that you can't fight mother nature? Or, you just don't care? WE ARE IN A DROUGHT!!!

You people are the first ones to complain if we do run out of water. You wouldn't want your poor flowers to die and then your yard would look bad. Darn!

I have animals that are counting on those hundreds of gallons of water you are wasting on your poor yard. You can take the money you have spent on your flowers and water, and donate it to a good cause. It really doesn't matter which nonprofit organization you donate it to just do it. At least it would go to a good cause and something good will come out of it.

No one really gives a rats ass about your yard; I know I don't. I would love to plant flowers and bushes, but I have lives that depend on the water I save. So, we haven't run out of water yet, you keep it up and we will. That kind of attitude is what puts us in the situation we are in right now. See, as long as you turn on your water and something comes out that we call water you will continue to use it .


If you keep it up the next step is they are going to double the cost of using water and then what will you do?


We do everything in our power to save water here. We don't bathe the animals unless it is a medical

Condition. We scrub water tanks every other day now. We don't Plant Flowers or a garden. Water buckets are no longer filled to the top. We go out and check to see if the animals have water at all times during the day. Take quicker showers. It doesn't take that long to scrub your ass and wash your hair. We have manage to cut back on out water bill over 30%.

That is a big savings on my bill and saving water, and it really pisses me off to see someone else to waist what we have worked so hard on to save. We didn't do it for you we did it for the animals and people.

Turn off the flipping water!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kids just want to have fun

Kids just want to have fun

It is summer break now and the kids are all looking to have a good time.

No more having to go to bed early , and no more homework at least for now.

Two brothers that volunteer their time to help out here got to have fun with our newest four legged kids.

After getting all their chores done it is time for a treat.

Kids just want to have fun.

It gets hot now,
and after feeding 14 horses and cleaning their piles they left behind to be cleaned up; it was time for the boys and babies to have fun hanging around each other.

Making friends no matter the age is fun here. Look at their faces; it is better than sliced cookie dough.

Soft hands, big smile and a warm heart is what it takes, and these two brothers have that passion.

Monday, June 16, 2008

You can help

If you feed Southern States Feed,

You can help us !

We need your proof of purchase off your Southern States horse feed bags and mail it to us so we can raise money for our Rescue Horses.

The address to send your proof of purchase is:

Harmony Meadows Equine Rescue Inc.

573 Frey Rd.

Dallas, GA.


Thank you for your support!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Eddie and Little Man

We have been the proud owners of Eddie now for a year. Eddie was rescued by The Department Of Ag. Last year from Pike County. We bought Eddie at the auction in June 07. His story is posted on this blog.

I just have to say that Eddie has given our family and volunteers much love and understanding. We have all learned from him. Yes, Eddie is blind but he has much to give and we except his offerings.

He has taught us that being blind isn't a bad thing you just have to do some things different sometimes.

My Dear Eddie,

You have given me such joy in the last year and I pray we have many more years together. We have learned to be patient, to give to your needs only as needed. To stay out of your way when you know what you want and we don't at that moment. We see the love in your heart. You are my morning Eddie, every morning when I walk outside you are what I see. You take that morning and turn it into a smile.

You make me see just how crazy human's can be when they think they know it all when it comes to being blind.

Here it is a year later and I still hide hay for you to find and we know you know it is there. . And when we try to sneak past you only to get busted. Who are we fooling? Well it isn't you , we are only fooling us. You take the little games we play and enjoy them as much as we do. There is just now way to outsmart you.

I truly respect your friendship with Champ next door. I have never seen a friendship as close as yours. Two geldings living on the other side of the fence from each other spending their days together. I see it when ya'll play face games and when Champ pulls your fly mask off and tosses it to the side. Is that just you asking him to do this for you? I think it is my dear friend. You may not know it , but it makes us happy to see you two do the things ya'll do as friends.

Here lately you have been a real trooper in helping us care for little Man. You have been a friend to him and I love you for that. Now it will be time to say good bye to Little Man. He isn't getting any better and it isn't fair to keep him here for our own reasons. We have all given Little man the love that he deserves when his own owners wouldn't. But Eddie, most of all buddy, you have been the real friend to him. You have given your time to him as a friend, you have given up your extra space for him without a complaint. You have spent your time under your shade trees when it gets hot outside with Little Man when you could be spending it with Champ. You allowed Little Man to share your time with your friend Champ. You are the one we owe the thanks to. You gave something that as people we couldn't give. You, your time and your love and understanding in your horse world. Little Man will go being loved by the best and that is you and all of us here at Harmony Meadows.

Eddie, You are what Harmony Meadows is all about.

I am looking forward to a life time with you and your funny ways. You bring a smile to my heart and sunshine for my day. You touch hearts that will never experience that kind of touch in a lifetime. You are a rare experience and it is breathtaking.

Thank you Lord for bring Eddie to us.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Why is it so important for everyone to see the ugly that someone caused in order to donate?

I find it very offending that this is what everyone wants to see.

God did not put these animals here for someone to starve , abuse or to be used as some status symbol.

I had a visitor several days ago and asked for pictures to publish so we could get donations. No! I will not.

We will not expose the ugly of the hand of a twisted mind that chose to put these animals in this situation. I will not do it and if it means I have to work 5 jobs to care for them I will, but I will not show the ugly. Here it is only the beauty of the horse that is shown here. Yes, every horse here has a story to tell and we will be happy to share that with you; but pity we do not except.

Anyone who reads this I ask you to do me one favor. Please close your eyes and think of a horse. Not one in particular just a horse. Now tell me what you see: Think of every movement, every line on their body, think about them being in a herd of other horses. It is so beautiful to watch a horse in a herd. They have much to teach if you will only watch and listen. Now you tell me what does a horse mean to you?

When I wake up every morning I walk outside onto my front deck and I see what God has created.

It is beauty, freedom, strength, dominance, fear, speed and love. This is what we are about here at Harmony Meadows Equine Rescue. I thank God for giving me such beautiful gifs every day.

What gives me the right to expose the hate of the human that spilled over to a helpless animal? If this is what it takes to get the public to help donate to our cause than no thank you. I am not here to satisfy anyone's curiosity of this kind of treatment.

Our vet bills run about $500.00 plus a month our feed bill is about $2500.00 a month our hay bill runs about $540.00 a month. We only have very few people who are willing to help with the financial part of our rescue. Oh, and no we are not Government funded. We wish it were that easy, but we are funded by donations and what I make from working.

We do not get any discount from our Veterinarians' nor our feed store. We pay full price for everything. It is hard to work for what you believe in when you can't get anyone else to work with you.

I have had to learn to become a farrier , give shots treat wounds, fatten starved horses and teach a miss treated horse to trust again. I love what I do, but it takes more than one to continue that fight.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Are They Here Yet?

Every morning I head out to see if one of the rescue mares have had their baby yet. No, not today. Boy do those words seem to repeat themselves more everyday here. We just took in a new mare a few weeks ago, and yes she is pregnant, underweight and ready to pop. In the last 3 days I have watched Pepper's belly drop and her bags getting bigger.

Now, I have never been a person who drank coffee until I ended up with four pregnant mares . None which I have bred. See, that is something I do not allow here nor will they ever be allowed to be bred. We have 2 of the four babies on the ground having a wonderful life here. These last two are killing me. See, Pepper was fed Fescue hay during most of her pregnancy and we all know what that can spell out. Now, I hear it from people that a mare with fescue poison will not bag. Well, I am here to tell you that that is not true. I have seen two mares lose their babies to fescue poison and bagged up just fine. I have seen mares not wax up, so darn if they do and darn if they don't.

These babies are in my prayers every day. Please Lord let them be born healthy and be blessed with love and a true horse life. They are here for a reason and that question has yet to be answered. We will soon find out. I do believe that God does things for a reason and it is up to us to see his message. So far I have done pretty good. He never gives more than I can handle.

The day Pepper came here was filled with the worse weather. Major storms and tornado warnings. Black clouds, heavy rain, and tornado sirens going off around us.

Meg and I had set out to look at the 3 horses this lady needed to sell because she needed the money. As a rescue I told her that we do not buy horses. Well, if you know me you know that when my calling is heard I go, and so we did. The weather was doing real good at this time. We checked out the 2 young fillies I was going to buy were too skinny and were in a paddock with two other horses. Total of 4 horses in a paddock small enough for only one. I wasn't too worried about their weight cause if was fixable. The smell was very unpleasant to deal with so I stepped aside and looked at Pepper. My jaw hit the ground when I saw how skinny she was and being pregnant to boot. I was able to talk her into letting me buy her as well. I spent a total of $512.00 getting these horses, and this wasn't counting my fuel. I didn't need to spend that kind of money with the high prices of everything. I have never regretted getting Pepper.

I was still worried about the weather so we headed home to get the trailer and by the time we got home and in the house it started to pour, thunder and lighten.

A friend of ours wanted to go with us, so we waited. After he checked out the weather and saw how bad it was getting he backed out. Not me, Meg and I headed out . The crazy thing about the trip was the rain slowed down and the sky cleared except in a distance on each side. You could see how thick and dark the clouds were. My cell phone wouldn't stop ringing! I guess I really needed to hear how crazy I was, going to get Pepper. It wasn't raining bad and I was not about to leave that mare without any shelter and pregnant. She was only two weeks away from being due. I didn't waste any time getting her in the trailer, so we could get home in a hurry. The clouds were looking mighty rough and I didn't want to get caught up in it.

Our trip back home was just as clear as going to get Pepper. Those clouds were still all around us. We made it home safe; got pepper in the barn, and all hell broke loose. It rained so hard.

One thing I know is that God didn't want me to leave her behind, so I had to go get her. Things happen for a reason, he shows us the way and it is up to us to pay attention.

Pepper has made friends and is now getting ready to have her baby. Everyone,

Tonight, when you go to bed; I ask you to please add Pepper and her baby to your prayers. Sometimes I can't walk the path alone. The unknown is the hardest kind of worry and I have it.

I only have enough coffee for tonight, about one and a half pots. I hope it holds up till in the morning.

Thank you guys for taking the time to read this blog. It means so much to us and our horses.

I will not be adding Pepper's picture to this story. See, I do not want her to be remembered being seen skinny, with long hoofs with shoes still attached. I know pictures are worth a thousand words, but I respect the true beauty of each of our horses; Healthy and happy. This is why I call our rescue Harmony Meadows and it speaks for its self.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Don’t get attached

Written by Brian B. Associate of H.M.E.R Inc.

Don’t get attached

Everyone knows how it is to be around an animal and know you cant keep them or know your time with them will be limited to a short while. If you are any part of an organization that works with animals you know even more about getting to know the animal and making a little place in your heart for every one of them . The other thing you try and would like to do more often, is to disassociate your self from them more so you do not have to go through the feeling of loss or emptiness.

Now, in my own personal opinion I think it is easier to do with some species that you are not around all the time, or do not have a special little place in your heart for. This particular animal for me is the Horse! I have had animals

come and go in my life and yes it bothered me to loose them . But I never had the same feeling as I did when I lost or worse had to put down A horse that I really cared for and had a bond with. Her name was Sarah. When we put her down it

was not an easy decision but for the medical reasons that plagued her at the time we did not have much of a choice. Sarah did leave us with her 2 week old filly named Ariel. So with a new baby , I had little time to reflect on the passing of another quiet companion.

Since then horses have come and gone in my life . some having to be put down and others being adopted out to friends that never could quite get the push to buy a horse.

Now that we operate a rescue I have to see them come and go more often than ever. We recently acquired a Beautiful paint named ROCKET that was about 3 years old and had a bad injury on her left front leg. When I went to go get Rocket she was in a small 8 x 10 make shift stall made with 2 strips of 2x8's under a second story deck. She was very alert & seemed to be agitated and extremely touchy. I say this cause the very first touch from me , She kicked at me like a 10 year old healthy stallion. We finally managed to coax her in the trailer and got her home. She stayed in the trailer with the door wide open for about 2 days. Now off the trailer we fixed her a stall in the barn with lots of woody pet type bedding and loads of shavings so she had plenty of cushion for her leg. The last thing that was said to me after we put her in the stall was "She will probably not be here long, They believe the leg will never heal. DON'T GET ATTACHED." So I am like yea, Why would I get attached? I don't care for paints, Mares are messy in stalls, and I don’t have time to spend with her anyway.

Well , I learned each day that this little filly was a challenge. She hated everyone . Nobody was aloud in the barn but a select few. Those few did not like her too much because of her aggressiveness and each time I heard them say she will kick your brains in I was thinking . " hmmm . Why is it she is pretty calm when I am in the stall with her. Days led to weeks and weeks to months. I could walk in Rockets stall and she would hobble up and put her head on my shoulder. I would rub the eye boogers off her eyes. She would buck in place while I cleaned her stall and she would slobber on me when she was eating. This little paint had a personality like no other I have encountered. So in February Im thinking this girl will heal and I think I will keep her. Yes that is what I will do. So I pondered a few days and figured out how to talk to the Boss "Debbie" about keeping her. The next day before I even thought about bringing it up, She dropped the Bomb. " We are putting Rocket down." My heart fell to the dirt. Why? She is doing great!!!!! ( only in my eyes ) I saw what I wanted and believed or wanted to so bad that I swore that she could be better. The vet agreed and they set a day for the passing of Rocket. That Tuesday I took off work to be there and take care of things after she was gone. Ill tell you , When I looked out the front door of the house that morning and saw her looking out her stall . The only thing I could do was stand and stare at the barn and watch this Beautiful animal swing her head back and forth and play with her hanging apple ball. While tears just started rolling down my cheeks . The pain in my throat was almost as unbearable as the pain in my heart. Yes I got attached . She was not usable as anything we know horses can be used for. But what people don't realize is that even broken, they are, and do help us in ways that almost everyone take for granted.

They raise our spirits and show us almost all the same emotions as we show each other. They are therapeutic for the soul and make life even more fun than you think it would be. I could not watch or be around for that moment of passing but I stood in my driveway and froze while I prayed and talked to her as she went to her special place with our maker. Don’t ever think your beyond a bond. It happens when you least want it or expect it.

Thank you Rocket for the extra little smiles I got out of life that I would not have gotten If you had not come in our lives.

The title was just a quote! Get every minute you can steal from life and enjoy your companion. Human and Equine.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Falling in Love by Caitlin A.K.A. SKITTLES

Falling In Love

By: Caitlin

When I was very little, before I could ride by myself I met a horse at a horse show. She was a short little dark bay mustang named Lexie. My nana (grandma) was already friends with the owner Mrs. Debbie (the owner of what's now Harmony Meadows.) I fell in so much love with Lexie she gave her to us about two years after we met. By the time I could ride by myself I "tried" to ride her. We both gave each other a hard time. She would run into the posts with me, and then I would get off run and cry. Year after year we progressed as well as our love. Now at age 13 we work together as a team still giving each other trouble but that's just love now I can get on at any time and do anything I ask her to do and that's my story of me and my horse Lexie.

My stories facts and my horse Lexie

My story was written to show people everywhere that even if your horse is severely abused you can get your horse over it. And also have a relationship you just have to make it with tons of work and love.


Lexie was a rescue. She was one of Mrs. Debbie's first rescues. She belonged to her step daughter Marissa. Then she out grew her and I got her. Lexie and I still love and still learn a little bit about each other every day. And our love grows as well as it will always.