Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kids just want to have fun

Kids just want to have fun

It is summer break now and the kids are all looking to have a good time.

No more having to go to bed early , and no more homework at least for now.

Two brothers that volunteer their time to help out here got to have fun with our newest four legged kids.

After getting all their chores done it is time for a treat.

Kids just want to have fun.

It gets hot now,
and after feeding 14 horses and cleaning their piles they left behind to be cleaned up; it was time for the boys and babies to have fun hanging around each other.

Making friends no matter the age is fun here. Look at their faces; it is better than sliced cookie dough.

Soft hands, big smile and a warm heart is what it takes, and these two brothers have that passion.

Monday, June 16, 2008

You can help

If you feed Southern States Feed,

You can help us !

We need your proof of purchase off your Southern States horse feed bags and mail it to us so we can raise money for our Rescue Horses.

The address to send your proof of purchase is:

Harmony Meadows Equine Rescue Inc.

573 Frey Rd.

Dallas, GA.


Thank you for your support!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Eddie and Little Man

We have been the proud owners of Eddie now for a year. Eddie was rescued by The Department Of Ag. Last year from Pike County. We bought Eddie at the auction in June 07. His story is posted on this blog.

I just have to say that Eddie has given our family and volunteers much love and understanding. We have all learned from him. Yes, Eddie is blind but he has much to give and we except his offerings.

He has taught us that being blind isn't a bad thing you just have to do some things different sometimes.

My Dear Eddie,

You have given me such joy in the last year and I pray we have many more years together. We have learned to be patient, to give to your needs only as needed. To stay out of your way when you know what you want and we don't at that moment. We see the love in your heart. You are my morning Eddie, every morning when I walk outside you are what I see. You take that morning and turn it into a smile.

You make me see just how crazy human's can be when they think they know it all when it comes to being blind.

Here it is a year later and I still hide hay for you to find and we know you know it is there. . And when we try to sneak past you only to get busted. Who are we fooling? Well it isn't you , we are only fooling us. You take the little games we play and enjoy them as much as we do. There is just now way to outsmart you.

I truly respect your friendship with Champ next door. I have never seen a friendship as close as yours. Two geldings living on the other side of the fence from each other spending their days together. I see it when ya'll play face games and when Champ pulls your fly mask off and tosses it to the side. Is that just you asking him to do this for you? I think it is my dear friend. You may not know it , but it makes us happy to see you two do the things ya'll do as friends.

Here lately you have been a real trooper in helping us care for little Man. You have been a friend to him and I love you for that. Now it will be time to say good bye to Little Man. He isn't getting any better and it isn't fair to keep him here for our own reasons. We have all given Little man the love that he deserves when his own owners wouldn't. But Eddie, most of all buddy, you have been the real friend to him. You have given your time to him as a friend, you have given up your extra space for him without a complaint. You have spent your time under your shade trees when it gets hot outside with Little Man when you could be spending it with Champ. You allowed Little Man to share your time with your friend Champ. You are the one we owe the thanks to. You gave something that as people we couldn't give. You, your time and your love and understanding in your horse world. Little Man will go being loved by the best and that is you and all of us here at Harmony Meadows.

Eddie, You are what Harmony Meadows is all about.

I am looking forward to a life time with you and your funny ways. You bring a smile to my heart and sunshine for my day. You touch hearts that will never experience that kind of touch in a lifetime. You are a rare experience and it is breathtaking.

Thank you Lord for bring Eddie to us.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Why is it so important for everyone to see the ugly that someone caused in order to donate?

I find it very offending that this is what everyone wants to see.

God did not put these animals here for someone to starve , abuse or to be used as some status symbol.

I had a visitor several days ago and asked for pictures to publish so we could get donations. No! I will not.

We will not expose the ugly of the hand of a twisted mind that chose to put these animals in this situation. I will not do it and if it means I have to work 5 jobs to care for them I will, but I will not show the ugly. Here it is only the beauty of the horse that is shown here. Yes, every horse here has a story to tell and we will be happy to share that with you; but pity we do not except.

Anyone who reads this I ask you to do me one favor. Please close your eyes and think of a horse. Not one in particular just a horse. Now tell me what you see: Think of every movement, every line on their body, think about them being in a herd of other horses. It is so beautiful to watch a horse in a herd. They have much to teach if you will only watch and listen. Now you tell me what does a horse mean to you?

When I wake up every morning I walk outside onto my front deck and I see what God has created.

It is beauty, freedom, strength, dominance, fear, speed and love. This is what we are about here at Harmony Meadows Equine Rescue. I thank God for giving me such beautiful gifs every day.

What gives me the right to expose the hate of the human that spilled over to a helpless animal? If this is what it takes to get the public to help donate to our cause than no thank you. I am not here to satisfy anyone's curiosity of this kind of treatment.

Our vet bills run about $500.00 plus a month our feed bill is about $2500.00 a month our hay bill runs about $540.00 a month. We only have very few people who are willing to help with the financial part of our rescue. Oh, and no we are not Government funded. We wish it were that easy, but we are funded by donations and what I make from working.

We do not get any discount from our Veterinarians' nor our feed store. We pay full price for everything. It is hard to work for what you believe in when you can't get anyone else to work with you.

I have had to learn to become a farrier , give shots treat wounds, fatten starved horses and teach a miss treated horse to trust again. I love what I do, but it takes more than one to continue that fight.