Sunday, April 12, 2009

Majestic Is His Name

Our little colt now has a name placed on him. Majestic it is,

strong and happy, full of life and love. He will touch every sole

that passes his way. Size is not what makes you, your heart

is. Majestic is everything he should be, God has blessed us

well. Majestic is our Easter, he is our smile, love, strength,

laughter today. You have a way of making ones troubles

seem so small, so unimportant and that means something.

They may not see it but I do, all eyes are on you, smiles and

laughter, what greater day can that be.

Happy Easter Majestic!

Thank you God.

Majestic Is His Nam

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Gina said...

I am trying to find out more on how to adopt a horse that would appropriate for my daughter. Can you please email me with adoption information and a few horses that would possibly be a good fit?