Friday, March 27, 2009

Eddie, Eddie , Eddie, You Make My Heart Smile:

Never underestimate a blind horse. Eddie has been such a big smile here on our farm from the day he got here. He makes me laugh, and sad at times. I understand him and he is loved by so many people that come here. Eddie knows how to train the human that comes to his home.

Let's see, If he is hanging out at the top gate when you come in ya got to pay the toal fee. Your payment has to be in the form of a treat, it's ok if it is horse treats, carrots, apples with no seeds; any one will do for him and Champ. Now if you fail to pay the toal you may get dirty looks, he may stand in front of the gate and even fallow you up the driveway and catch ya when ya get out of your car. You will pay the toal for coming in. It is so funny explaining it to people prior to them coming here.

Champ is Eddies best friend that lives in the pasture next to him. We do not own Champ, he belongs to my neighbor. Champ is a 7 year old Tenn. Walker, both him and Eddie are joined at the hips. If Champ isn't at their hanging spot Eddie yells for him and he comes a running. My heart melts every time they are together. We even put up a shelter tent for Eddie so the rain and sun were not bother him. We have tried putting other horses with Eddie but he isn't happy. We even begged our neighbor not to keep Champ from seeing Eddie, we have even offered to care for Champ, nope he will not. If the money was right I know we could buy Champ for Eddie but I know the price on that horse would be more than we can afford right now.

Yesterday our big pasture of horses were running and playing then all of a sudden Eddie started bucking and running just as if he were in with all the other horses. Yep, I laughed and smiled at him,

" you go Eddie; "what a guy.

We have been putting the round bale of hay in the stock trailer because we don't have enough room to store it in the barn right now. I kept the door open for Eddie to stick his head in and eat at will. Never thought he would climb inside and spend the night in there eating the hay; Stupid me. He has never offered to get into the trailer until the rain started and hasn't let up yet. Can't say as I blame him for getting in. Now, Eddie is a big boy and uses up the trailer. I don't mind, I clean up his messes and make sure he has plenty of hay to get into when he climbs into the trailer. Eddie hasn't been in a trailer off our property since we got him, tuff getting him in and he is happy right where he is. Like I said, he makes us smile and brings much laughter to our place. I wouldn't trade my blind man for all the money in the world.

Dear Eddie,

Eddie, you are what love, friendship and laughter is all about man. We love your big Appy butt. You are a true gift from God; our gift to share with the world. You are the strength of our rescue, you are Harmony Meadows to us all. Keep us laughing and smiling buddy.

Your friend


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